Economic, High Reliability, white LED module

Description: High brightness, large emitting angle, low thermal resistance, and low light decay, high uniformity of the emitting color, using pure thick copper wire and designing by low thermal resistance to ensure the steady current and lower the heat; reasonable circuit design, convenient to install and wiring regulation, life span over 30000 hours, power supply at constant 12V DC; safety, energy saving and eco-friendly. High power 2835SMD LEDs 3 LED Chips with Optical Lens, 170 Degree, beam pattern, Double sided adhesive foam tape, 3 inch wires between each module. Two modules per foot.

Quick Summary: SMD 2835, 6500k, size 70x16x7mm, 12VDC, 3m double sided mounting tape, Waterproof IP65 rated, 75 modules total per 60watt power supply, maximum 20 modules single string, 65 lumens per module, 0.72watt consumption per module, 155deg beam angle, 2 modules per foot spacing on string. Great for use in channel letters or sign cabinets. Highly reliable with over 7 years of continues use with under 4% failure rate.


MAXX-072WHP-160-IP68, High output, High efficiency, 10 year warranty LED Module


Description: The MAXX is a 0.72watt module producing 123 lumens each or 170 lumens per foot.  The low power consumption still allows 75 modules (up to three 25 module strings) to be connected to a single 60watt/12VDC power supply. Each string can have a maximum of 25 modules with a spacing of 1.5 modules per foot.  The lens provide a 165deg beam angle allowing the module to be used in shallow 3 inch deep cabinets and channel letters.  When using industry standard EX7/EX1 extrusions for sign cabinet making the module strings can be placed up to 10 inches apart with perfect diffused illumination.  This product was developed to compete with the 1w and 1.2w modules on the market today while offering higher lumen output, a 10 year warranty, and still being able to use the same number of modules on a 60 watt power supply as its 0.72w counterparts.
Quick Summary: 4 LED module, 0.72 Watt, 6500 K, IP68,165 Beam Angle, 75 max mods per 60 Watt supply, 30 max mods per string, 1.5 mods per ft, 123 Lm / mod, 170 Lm / ft.


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